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Car key duplication: how to do it again and how much it costs?

Lost your car keys? Don’t panic, find out how to request duplication, what to do and how much it costs.

We all know that car keys are one of the easiest things to lose, especially if you are a little distracted and for this reason you must request a duplication.

But how much does it cost to redo the car keys? In this article we will see what the procedure is and what the cost of car key duplication is. Don’t worry the process is quite simple and there are also several options for those on a budget.

What to do if I lose my car keys?

If you have lost your car key, the best thing is to find the original duplicate and immediately make another copy. Before asking “how much does it cost to redo the car keys” it is in fact right to ask “where will I have put the second car key?”.

When you buy a new car from the dealer you are always provided with two keys and it is a good idea to keep the one you are not using in a safe place (preferably not in the car). If, on the other hand, you bought a used car and the owner has provided you with only one key, it is advisable to immediately make a second copy.

How should I do to have the car keys duplicated?

To duplicate the key, you must contact a specialist or the parent company. Many think that to find out how much it costs to redo car keys, just go to a common hardware store. Unfortunately for us many of them do not have the equipment to duplicate modern car keys and therefore the estimate of the price would be unreliable. Don’t worry, we at Autos Key are here too. Discover our key duplication service.

Who can I contact for duplicate car keys?

The best choice is always to contact the dealer who sold you the car or the parent company or specialized centers for key duplication such as Autoskey. The important thing is to have the duplicate with you to allow them to create a copy more quickly. They will be able to tell you clearly how much it costs to redo the car keys.

How to make a duplicate of a coded key of the car?

The certified or coded key is a key which, as an additional security measure, has a unique code that prevents the use of other keys in its place. Remaking lost coded car keys is usually more expensive and complex than remaking ordinary mechanical keys. For this it is necessary to contact a center specialized in the duplication of an encrypted key.

What to do if the CODE of the car keys has been lost?

If you’ve lost your CODE in addition to your car keys, don’t panic. Duplicating the car key without a code can be complex and for this reason it is worth getting the code back. There are in fact several ways to request both the new CODE of the keys and the keys themselves. That’s how:

Contact the parent company or the dealer and give them the chassis number. The chassis number is an alphanumeric code and is indicated in the vehicle registration document under item (E).
You can go back to the CODE by reading the ECU of your car.
Request a reading of your car lock. A technician will extract it from your car to connect it to a device that can read the exact CODE connected to that lock. Of all, it is perhaps the least recommended option given the higher cost.

How much does it cost to redo the car keys?

The cost of duplicating car keys depends a lot on the car model. Usually the cost for a small car is around 30 euros if you have a duplicate. If you do not have the duplicate or the CODE is missing, the cost could go up. Some manufacturers in fact impose a fee to request the release of a new CODE.

However, duplicating the keys of some high-end brands can cost you over 200 euros. In this case, if the car has a few years behind it and you don’t intend to keep it for long, it might be better to duplicate it in a generic center and save money.

How to save on remaking the car keys?

Have you asked around how much it costs to redo the car keys and were you stunned by the prices? Don’t panic, let’s see what can be done to save on duplicating car keys.

If you are not interested in having the car keys redone by the parent company or by the dealer, you can contact other specialists and spend less.

In fact, several key duplication centers have been operating for years, allowing keys to be redone at a fraction of the cost of the original keys.

If you want to know the price for the duplication of the keys come to Autoskey, we will be able to provide you with more details.

Is it better to have car keys duplicated by the hardware store?

Amazed by the cost of duplicating car keys at a specialized center or at the dealership itself, many are immediately looking for a cheaper alternative. Who among us has never thought of having car keys duplicated by the hardware store? But is it really worth duplicating car keys from the hardware store?

The answer is “it depends”. It depends on the type of car in question and the type of hardware we are talking about. The most modern car models have coded and multifunctional keys, difficult to duplicate by those who do not know or do not have the right equipment. However, some hardware stores are very well equipped and equipped with modern car key duplication equipment.

What to do if the car key does not work?

If your car key is giving you trouble, it’s probably because it has dead batteries. If you’ve used the same pair of keys for years, it’s time to open it, being careful not to damage the small pieces of plastic, and replace the battery.

Should the battery run out while you are out, remember that even modern cars have a mechanical emergency lock. You usually find it hidden under the driver’s door handle. Otherwise you can find it covered by the handle itself, you just need to lift it as if to open it and it should be there.

Car key duplication: come from Autos Key.


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