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How to Retrieve Locked Keys Inside the Car

Accidentally leaving your car keys locked inside your vehicle is a stressful experience. Fortunately, there are several ways to retrieve them if the locking system is equipped with the lever that lifts. First, you need to make sure that there is no easy way to get inside, for example with a spare key or a door left open. If you have checked all access routes and cannot get into the car, you can ask for help from another person or use a tool to lift a door lock.

with a Lasso

1.Take a long lace.

Find a string that is at least 90 cm long, you can use yarn or twine. If you don’t have this type of material, you can also take a shoelace.

2.Tie a slip knot in the center of the lace.

Make a loop and thread one end of the string inside it; wrap another loop about 12-13 cm from the first using the same method. Finally, insert the second loop into the first and pull the free end of the lace to tighten the knot; by doing so, you have created a knot that you can tighten by pulling on one end of the string.

3.Slide the lace into the corner of the door.

Place it in the upper left corner of the door and swing it back and forth while holding both ends with your hands; continue in this way until the cord sneaks into the passenger compartment.

4.Bring the loop around the lock lever.

Make sure that the central portion of the lace is close to the door opening system; you have to slide the cord until the ring reaches the knob which lifts and then carefully thread the latter inside the loop

5.Pull one end of the twine to tighten the knot.

Once the loop has “captured” the lever, tighten it by pulling the thread; exert a good amount of force to make the knot as tight as possible. This method is easier with older cars.

6.Pull the lanyard to open the lock.

Pull on one end of the cord, leaving the other free to lift the lock knob; at this point, you should be able to enter the cockpit and retrieve the keys.

with a hanger

1.Straighten a wire hanger.

Get one of these hangers and shape it to make it as straight as possible; the longer it is, the easier the process becomes.

2.Fold the end of the hanger to form a “V”.

This is the part of the tool that needs to go into the car and engage the lock. Make sure that the fold is large enough to “catch” the door latch mechanism.

3.Slide the hanger between the window and the rubber seal.

Insert the “V” end into the gap between the glass and the body. It may be necessary to move the instrument back and forth to succeed; continue in this way until you have achieved the desired result.
Proceed very carefully to avoid damaging the seal around the window.


4.Loosen the hanger until it snaps into the lock mechanism.

Sway it a little until you feel it has caught the door lock piston, which should be right above the handle; it may take several tries, so be patient.

5.Pull up to open the lock.

Trying to remove the coat hanger attached to the lock mechanism you should be able to open the door; make sure it is caught in the pin before pulling it.

Ask for help

1.Contact a blacksmith.

Look for one that operates in the city where you live; if you don’t have internet access, you can call Telephone and ask to be put in touch with a professional in the area. Arrange with the locksmith to come and assess the situation; do not forget to ask him for an approximate estimate for the intervention.

2.Call the tow truck.

The roadside assistance representative can open the door without damaging the vehicle. Generally, when you sign up for this type of coverage, you are provided with a card with a telephone number to call in case of need.
You can inquire at the ACI agency in your area or ask your insurance company for more details to find out if this service is included in the policy.

3.Get help from law enforcement.

The traffic police have the tools to open a closed car; however, he is likely not to intervene on your call unless the car is dangerous or has the engine still running. Give it a try and call the police to find out if they can help you retrieve the keys.
If you see an agent in the area, it’s worth asking if they can help you.

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